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Riptide SSTT System And RiptideCoin are public projects born from necessity. This project is filling the void in legal marijuana states that are missing safe business banking. It is a FinTech digital currency aimed at giving you all the keys to absolute control over your money. Let’s face it using your card at an atm to get cash is not always an option, and with fast and secure transactions at much lower fees compared to banks and most existing cryptocurrencies out there, riptide coin is a fit solution while providing gains and earnings for its users.

Riptide System itself exist in the beta phase and the RiptideCoin is a proof of concept for a community currency token designed for use around the Medical Marijuana industry. Thus solving the financial problem that all legal state registered MMJ business have with the traditional banking system. This has caused a major problem we want you to help us fix. No other industry worth billions per year is without safe access to FDIC banking.

When completely understood RiptideCoin would be viewed as one of Ethereum’s user-friendly adaptions. Used for safe exchange in high-risk occupations instead of cash. The Coin itself can have multiparty uses including exchanging with others. The system is designed to provide accountable options for its transactions and could be traceable on programs like Quick Books bookkeeping software and others. The Riptide System and RiptideCoin can serve as the initiator of many exchange systems. Proposed for solving banking problems in a billion dollar industry which can in a general sense, make safer how people do business in high-risk occupations.