While working with some MMJ industry leaders, we found a need for a POS Solution with custom tailored options for patient confidentiality. Shop owners desperately needed a checkout system that provided a self-governing wallet or banking option that they could control. We knew this would be possible using Blockchain technology.

From our vantage point, we noticed that the industry was not safe and nobody was protecting valuable patient information. Our team at RIPTSOFT set out to do 12 plus months of research and made plans to change that. To help protect the industry we would like you to join us in creating the Riptide Protocol for our new SSTT software.

In addition to all this, we are introducing our future FastBitCash marketplace to give people a new space for spending some of your favourite alt-coins like RiptideCoin. Come chat with us on Telegram and Twitter join the community for chances to earn coins and raise awareness.